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Power Systems: Variable Speed Drives, Retrofits, Controls, & Switchboards

A specialty of Service Alliance is providing power systems utilizing variable speed drives and coordinated controls for a variety of industries. Our engineers create a solution that works for your system without compromising performance. Our power system offerings encompass variable speed drives, both AC and DC, generator controls, switchboards, motor control centers and AC and DC drive retrofits.

Variable Speed Drive Solutions:

Service Alliance personnel have extensive technical and application experience in Extrusion, Material Handling, Recycling, and Oil and Gas industries. Our company has been built on bringing talent and experience together when providing variable speed drive solutions for a variety of applications.

A)  In the Onshore/ Offshore Drilling Industry our solutions utilize AC and DC drives for applications like drawworks, top drives, anchor winches, rotary tables and mud pumps.

We provide customized packaging to meet every customers needs whether it is a land based application or an offshore application.

  • VFD (AC) Packages for 1000 HP, 1500 HP, 2000 HP and 3000 HP
  • SCR (DC) Packages for 1000 HP, 1500 HP, 2000 HP and 3000 HP

B)  For the Industrial Markets our expertise of the applications is backed by the years of hands-on experience. Applications such as extruders, pelletizers, gear pumps, rail transfer systems, up-setters and cranes are the back bone of our organization.

C)  For low voltage AC drive solutions under 690 VAC we use ABB, Siemens and Allen Bradley

D)  Applications that require 900 VDC and below our solutions utilize Siemens and ABB DC drive products.


Generator Controls / Switchboards:NSA NABORS 1

Where generators are required to be the prime source of power our engineering staff can provide a flexible solution to work with a variety of needs. We integrate Woodward and Basler controls for the vast majority of our systems up to 5 kV.


Drive Retrofits:

Service Alliance is capable of offering our customers the most cost efficient approach to upgrading their DC drives to fully digital, closed-loop controls with all of the advantages of state-of-the-art control technology. Numerous benefits to this upgrade include:

  1. Increase productivity through improved control capabilities.
  2. Recognize energy consumption via innovative and robust data acquisition.
  3. Superior support, parts and service for state-of-the-art technologies.

The motor, mechanical system and the power section will simply be re-used. Only the control section will be replaced. We will update the drive controls while utilizing the existing enclosure, breakers, bus work, SCRs and contactors. This upgrade includes the following onsite installation and re-commissioning of the system.

1. Electronics box with a fully digital control module.

2. Line voltages can be sensed from 20 to 1000 V.

3. Pulse transformers for firing currents up to 1 Amp.

4. An external armature current actual value signal can be flexibly evaluated:

  • Two CT’s on the line side. (Independent of the phases)
  • External CT with external rectifier.
  • Actual value signal sensed in the DC circuit.

5. Evaluation for fuse monitoring.

6. Closed-loop digitally controlled field current supply up to 100 Amps.

AC drive upgrades are available using the latest inverter packaging technology, allowing the customer to utilize some of the rugged and reliable sections of an AC drives system and upgrading the inverters to provide more reliable and precise control in a smaller package.

Service Alliance can service your needs by using the modular design of the ABB ACS 800 or the Siemens S120 designs for your application.